Photographer | DOP




Stills Photographer for Feature film and theatre productions, including specials Photography. Lighting Camera/DOP for film & TV production, broadcast, theatre and events. With photographic and video editing, colour grading and audio.

With over 20 years experience in the UK, Canada and Europe.

Based in London, fully insured and first aid certified.




"Andreas, you're a bloody good fucking photographer!"

Brian Blessed - Actor/Adventurer/Raconteur

  • "It was a pleasure to work with Andreas on 'A Street Cat Named Bob' & again on
    'A Gift From Bob'. The productions were required to deliver over 500 high quality select stills to international distributors such as SONY and Andreas made this easy
    to do. He has all the qualities you look for in a stills photographer; he is friendly, reliable and ultimately highly professional. I look forward to working with Andreas
    on my future productions and encourage other producers to hire him as well."

    Adam Rolston - Film Producer

  • "Andreas Lambis was the set photographer on A Street Cat Named Bob during filming in 2015. Andreas did excellent work throughout production, under rather difficult circumstances. At all times his technical standards were very high while he was also careful and considerate to cast, crew and innumerable, (and occasionally temperamental) feline thespians."

    Roger Spottiswoode - Film Director

  • "Andreas worked as my camera operator on a Crasy 8's short film, low on budget
    but high on talent. Sandy Wilson was the Director, and she and I had worked
    together before. Andreas was tossed into the mix and preformed and contributed
    to the project like the pro that he is. And, even though he had just met me a hour before we started shooting, he never wavered in his enthusiasm for the project
    and the crazy people behind it."

    Ross Kelsay - Director of Photography at IATSE #669

  • "Andreas is a dream to work with, he is reliable, professional, creative, punctual and I would recommend him for any project. He also will go beyond his remit to make sure your project is completed perfectly! A wonderful guy! Thank you Andreas!"

    Liz Fuller - Actress/ Tv Host/ Producer

  • "Andreas has taken photographs at several of the shows we have put on - under difficult conditions, tricky lighting, non rehearsable, pressurised, long hours. Despite this he has produced excellent images - beautiful, funny, atmospheric and has
    always been an absolute pleasure to work with."

    Dr Sasha Rakoff - Director of Stand Up For Women

  • "I first met Andreas when he was taking photos at an event for Stand Up for Women when I supported Jack Whitehall at the end of 2013. He took a great live shot of me doing my 'why I hate Jazz' bit, so I asked him to take publicity photos for my debut stand-up hour, Twerk in Progress, in 2014. He really took the time to understand what I wanted and because he'd seen my stand-up, he knew what my 'style' was. I was absolutely thrilled with the result and would not hesitate to recommend Andreas!"

    Abi Roberts - Stand Up Comedian